About Shane

Life Coach * Speaker * Author

Shane WalkerBefore becoming a professional life coach and starting his life coaching business in 2015, Shane started his career in the federal government. He served his country full time in the military until 2004 before moving on to work in the corporate world, serving in various leadership positions.

Not only has Shane earned several advanced degrees in Information Technology and Business, Shane has advanced his personal development skills through self-study, professional training, and life coaching certification programs. He has also gained valuable life knowledge through his years of experience as a father, husband, Veteran, and as someone who has been through adversity at various times throughout his life.

Shane’s compassion and service to others mindset, led him to create Shane Paul Life Coaching, LLC. His goal is to improve lives one at a time. Simply put, it’s what he loves to do. To know that he has made a difference in someone’s life warms his heart in a way that nothing else can. Shane specializes in guiding people toward greater clarity and greater productivity. When people are stuck, there is usually something in their life either that they are overlooking or that they have overlooked in the past. As a team, you’ll figure out what that thing is together!

Shane’s education, life experience, and passion to serve others, make him the perfect candidate for your personal and professional growth goals.

Shane’s Mission:

  1. Motivate individuals to take more effective and focused actions.
  2. Provide tools and tips to set better goals that are based on what you really want out of life.
  3. Deliver positive personal and professional growth strategies.
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