Shane Paul Walker
Life Coach | Speaker

Hey I’m Shane.

My mission is to help you or your team get to where you want to be. Whether the goal is to be more productive, gain clarity, boost morale, excel at the office, or increase confidence,  I have the tools and expertise to not only get you there, but get you there faster than you ever thought possible. If you are ready to make a transformation, click the button below to work with me.

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Work With Me

I offer individual Life Coaching, Speaking Engagements and Workshops. If you have any questions, please
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Need a boost in your life? I offer workshops on a variety of topics including mastering happiness, eliminating your limiting beliefs, and attracting the things you want in life. Workshops are highly interactive, enlightening, and fun! I offer In-Person and Online (Webinar) Workshops.

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Speaking Engagements

Does your group or team need inspiration or motivation? If so then my speaking engagements may be what you need. Have a happier and more productive team by giving them a positive distraction from the daily grind. Length and content can be tailored to your needs.

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Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching will help you realize your personal and professional goals faster than you can imagine. My goal is to assist you in helping you improve in areas you define for yourself. 

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"I was stuck in a major rut in my life. Shane guided me toward an effective, do-able game plan that has enabled me to make changes in my life, and take a huge step toward happiness."
Coaching Client Amy
Amy D.Coaching Client
"I was afraid to take a chance on writing my book. Shane inspired me to overcome my fear, and do what I always wanted to do. If there is something you have been meaning to do, Shane can help you get there! "
Coaching Client Tom
Tom M.Coaching Client
"I have been in a rut for a long time, and dreamt of starting my own business. I just never had the confidence to do it. Shane helped me to change my limiting beliefs, and make my dream of owning my own business a reality."
Coaching Client Kim
Kim K.Coaching Client
Start working towards success today!
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How I Can Help You

As your coach, I will provide you with tools and support to help you accomplish any goal that you may have. We will work TOGETHER so that you can attain growth in your professional and personal life. The following are things I can help you with.
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Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fears

Are your fears holding you back?

Career Change

Career Transistion

If you change nothing, nothing will change.

Time Management

Improving Time Management

Procrastinate less, be more productive, feel less stressed, and have more time to relax.

Communication Skills

Strengthened Communication

Communicate clearly and effectively.

Accomplish Your Goals

Achieving Goals and More!

Accomplish your goals and get there faster!


Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem

Develop the confidence and self-esteem necessary to accomplish anything.

Coaching Details

6 Session Block
  • 1 coaching session per week for 6 weeks
  • Skype coaching
  • Phone coaching
  • In person coaching
  • Access to resources
  • ($780 due up front)
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Single Session
  • Skype coaching
  • Phone coaching
  • Access to resources
  • Great for a quick boost and clarity
  • Contact Me
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4 Session Block
  • 1 coaching session per week for 4 weeks
  • Skype coaching
  • Phone coaching
  • In person coaching
  • Access to resources
  • ($560 due up front)
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Phone/Skype: (719) 445-8792

Fully Confidential

Your privacy is very important to us and a confidentiality agreement is always signed at the outset.

Free Consultation

A complimentary meeting provides the opportunity to discuss your goals, and see how we can work together.

Flexible Schedule

I understand how busy life can be so I’m happy to work together to fit within your schedule.